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About Us

Created by Katelyn Price in 2021, there is a vision of bringing people from all walks of life to become a family at The Treehouse.

 About Katelyn Price

My mom always said that my life motto as a young child was, “Don’t worry. Be happy!” If someone was crying, hurt, or sad, I would come running with the tissues in hand repeating my favorite phrase. To this day, helping others and seeing them happy gives me joy. I am an extrovert that LOVES people! I can carry on a conversation with anyone, about anything. More than that, I’m blessed to know my spiritual gift—a God given passion for working with children. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. What I didn’t know was what that was going to look like. While pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, I decided I didn’t want to work in a traditional classroom setting. I found my niche when I started working as the program director of The Little Gym of Lexington. I loved that it focused on the “whole” child, not just their physical development. When TLG closed, I took the knowledge and training acquired to start a PreK gymnastics program at PAC, and from there; I took a leap of faith in starting my own business. The months that followed were filled with doubt, reward, and heartache. The Lord used those challenges to teach me so much about myself, my family, PEOPLE. He gave me a vision. So, here we are. Welcome to The Treehouse family!

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